CH Oriana Whispering Hope
October 22, 2003 – February 1, 2015

Best Puppy, GRCBC Specialty under Henrik Frykstrand, 2004
Winni had an amazing spirit and bore her pigmentary uveitis, glaucoma and subsequent blindness with dignity, courage and grace, all while maintaining her sense of humour. She loved to parade around the family room with her stuffed dog, which was bigger than her. Named in honour of Ainslie’s Dad, Winston and his favorite hymn, Whispering Hope…
Soft as the voice of an angel,
Breathing a lesson unheard,
Hope with a gentle persuasion,
Whispers her comforting word.
Wait till the darkness is over,
Wait till the tempest is done,
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow,
After the shower is gone.
Forever loved and missed by Barrie, Ainslie, her daughter Yardley and Journey