Leemark’s Most Wanted Can. CDX, SH, TDX, WCX, VCX, ODHF; Am. CD, JH, TD, WCX
December 22nd, 1997 – June 16th, 2012

Spirit fought off a benign tumour on her lower jaw for almost 18 months. It got so big and infected that the antibiotics were not helping anymore. She was happy and healthy until the last week. She left this world the same way she lived her life . . . with CLASS. She graciously earned 17 titles, her kids have earned more than 82 titles, and she has made Riverdance what it is today. I can’t thank Anita Lee of Leemark Goldens enough, for the pleasure of owning “Miss Spirit.”

Spirit had a wonderfully full life for 14.5 years. She has left a legacy which is now carried on, by her grandkids and great grandkids.

Allyson Fennell, Riverdance Golden Retrievers