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Lifetime Membership

Life membership in any organization is an honour that is not lightly bestowed and an honour that is highly treasured by its recipients. Those who have been granted Life Membership in the GRCBC, reflect not only a part of our Club’s history, but the love and dedication of these individuals to the Golden Retriever breed and their support for the Club in its efforts to continue to preserve and promote the breed. They have given their time, talents and enthusiasm to bring others along in the breed and to help them discover the many versatile aspects of the sport of dogs. It is important to be reminded from time to time of these contributions so that the current and future generations of fanciers can pick up the torch and see that our breed and our Club continues for years to come.

Life Members

April 2024

Christine Kobler

Christine became a member of the GRCBC in November 1993. Christine is always willing to volunteer for or lead a committee.  In her 30 years as a GRCBC member, Christine has served as GRCBC President, and is currently filling the position of BC Interior Regional Director. She has mastered organizing [...]

Janice Gunn

Janice became a member of the GRCBC in May 1993. Janice with her husband John have been involved with dogs for over 49 years. Janice is well known for her consistent success with her Goldens in Obedience as well as Hunt tests.  Janice and John have bred and trained multiple [...]

May 2020

Carol and Patrick Beaulieu

Became Lifetime members May 2020 In 1989 we got our first golden, Barley, from Ainslie and Barry Mill’s Oriana Kennels. We joined the GRCBC and our first volunteer job was “Ways and Means”. This volunteer position isn’t active anymore, but it used to involve fund-raising for the club, selling [...]

March 2018

Colleen and Larry Coombe

Became Lifetime members March 2018 OUR HISTORY WITH GOLDEN RETRIEVERS – Colleen & Larry Coombe Larry and I purchased our first Golden in the summer of 1976.  A couple of years before that we had moved into a house about 4 blocks from the hospital where I worked and [...]

March 2017

Charlotte Lycett Davis

Charlotte Lycett Davis (1921-2020) GLENDAVIS Golden Retrievers According to Eileen, trying to interview Charlotte is similar to stacking a six week old Golden. She wiggles out of every question. Charlotte is a world traveler. She formerly belonged to the Century Club, which is open to people who have lived [...]

Eileen Battley

Eileen Battley (1919-2003) & Charlotte Lycett Davis Eileen ‘inherited’ her love of Goldens from her daughter Ainslie. It began when Alderbrooke’s Beckwith Meara CD didn’t “turn out” for the Mills future show and breeding plans. She went for a visit to “Grandma’s” house during a time of mourning for [...]

Evelyn Smith

Evelyn Smith & Daemon    (1929-2019) Evelyn Smith, of Victoria, BC, owned a number of significant Goldens in BC Golden history.  She is best known for owning and training the very first CH-UDT Golden Retriever in Canada, Can. CH Mossbank's Golden Honey Can UDT (10/9/1959-6/21/1971), who earned this distinction [...]

Bonnie and Gord Begg

CURRANHALL Bonnie and Gordie Begg first became active in Goldens in the mid-1960’s while living in Ontario. They were members of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada and Gord was active in the field trial scene and also served on the GRCC Board. Upon moving to B.C., in 1969, [...]

Jack Reid and Chris Burton

GOLDRANGE Christopher Burton (1898-1983) Christopher Burton was made a Life Member of the B.C. Club in Sept. 1970. His love of the Golden Retriever and the impact his friendship with Col. Samuel Magoffin had on the development of the breed will be remembered forever. Chris and his three brothers [...]

Jane Christy

FYREGLO Jane’s adventures with Goldens started in 1983 when she saw Am.Can.CH. Goldenquest’s Oriana Kian Am.Can. CD. at a show at the PNE.  She decided then she wanted a puppy sired by Kian and met Ainslie Mills, his owner.  Teddy was born in 1983 and the journey began. Jane [...]

February 2017

Anita Lee

LEEMARK Anita’s wonderful journey in goldens began on July 14, 1977 when her first puppy was born. She competed in conformation, obedience, field and tracking events, and met many fabulous people and lifelong friends along the way. She travelled to many National Specialties across the U.S.A. as well. All [...]

Diane Henn

KITSANA GOLDENS Diane’s first Golden, Ch. Gold Rustler, CDX, Am. CD was purchased in 1978. She was looking for either a Doberman or Golden to compete with in obedience and was fortunate to find a litter sired by Evelyn Smith’s Rion. Ev has to this day remained her good [...]

Rowan Dyer

Rowan Dyer  (1937-2020) SOMERTON Golden Retrievers

Dave and Jean Doman

DOMAN Dave and Jean originally lived in the Toronto area and in 1973 they decided they would like an outdoors type of dog. They looked in the local paper for an Irish Setter. Fortunately there weren?t any, but there were Golden Retrievers. The breeder had a male and 2 [...]

Dorothy Shaw

Dorothy Shaw  (1931-2016) After a stint at showing and breeding Alaskan Malamutes, Dorothy met Carole Kvamme Johnson, of Alderbrooke Goldens in the Seattle area. Carole and Dorothy became instant friends and the change from Malamutes to Goldens was made. First came Brigit, who Dorothy showed in obedience in both [...]

Barrie and Ainslie Mills

ORIANA Barrie and Ainslie Mills (Oriana Perm.Reg.) joined the GRCBC in 1975.  Each served terms as President and they have acted as Trophy Curators for many years. They organized the first GRCBC awards banquet and were instrumental in the development of the original Club Code of Ethics. Ainslie served [...]

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