Golden Retriever bringing back duck in Hunt Test

Golden Retriever Club of BC Events

  • GRCBC Hunt Test
    June 15 & 16, 2024
    Location: TNT Training Center, Abbotsford, BC
    Closing Date: June 5, 2024
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  • GRCBC Specialty 
    Date: July 19, 2024
    Show Secretary: Sandi Konrad | Classic Show Services

  • GRCBC Regional Specialty
    in conjunction with the West Kootenay Kennel Club
    Judge:  Laura Reeves
    Aug. 19, 2024
    Location: Castlegar, BC
    Show Secretary: Classic Show Services
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  • GRCBC Obedience & Rally Trials
    March 2025 (exact dates tba)
    Location: Abbotsford Exhibition Fairgrounds
    Premium List: to come
    4 All Breed Obedience Trials | 4 All Breed Rally Trials | Canine Good Neighbour | Rent a Ring

  • Canine Good Neigbour Test 
    Date: March 2025 (date tba)
    Registration Form: tba

  • GRCBC Heart & Eye Clinic
    Date: May 2025 (exact date tba)
    Contact: for the registration form

  • Annual General Meeting (Zoom)
    Date: April 2025 (exact date TBA)


A Trial is a competitive event that is recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Trials are held in many different performance areas such as Obedience, Rally, Hunt, Field, Tracking, and Scent Detection, etc. Rules and Regulations booklets for all of the different Trials can be found at and past and upcoming Trial events can be found on The GRCBC offers many Trials throughout the year.

Golden retriever in Utilty

Scent Articles Utility

Obedience Trial

Golden Retriever

Hunt Test

Hunt Test

Goldens LOVE to retrieve and encouraging them in this direction is great exercise and keeps your dog’s brain active. It also builds a wonderful partnership with you and your dog! Fun for all!

The performance sport of field training encourages the development and use of the natural abilities for which golden retrievers were originally bred. The foundation for field training for the Working Certificate (WC) and Hunt Test trials is basic obedience (e.g., walking on a leash; sit; stay; heel; and reliable off leash recall) and yard work training.

The Golden Retriever Club of B.C. (GRCBC) normally holds an annual Field Work Training Workshop to introduce you and your golden to the fun of this performance sport. In addition, the GRCBC hosts Working Certificate and Hunt Tests every year that you and your golden can participate in to achieve Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Titles.

The Working Certificate program includes three levels, Working Certificate (WC); Working Certificate Intermediate (WCI); and a Working Certificate Excellence (WCX). Tests get harder and more complicated as the dog progresses. Hunt Tests also include three levels, Junior Hunter (JH); Senior Hunter (SH); and Master Hunter (MH). As with the Working Certificate program, Hunt Tests get more difficult as the dog finishes each level.

Members of the GRCBC interested in field training for the Working Certificate program and Hunt Tests often get together and work in informal training groups. Within the informal training groups there are dogs and handlers at different levels of ability and knowledge.

broad jump Open Class

Golden Retriever in Obedience

High Jump Excercise


A Rent-A-Ring , sometimes called a Fun Match, is a noncompetitive event where you can practice your own Trial exercises for a specified period of time, normally ten or fifteen minutes. They are held independent of or the day before a Trial for Obedience and Rally. When offered the day before a Trial they provide practice time and the opportunity for your dog to get familiar with the Trial venue. The GRCBC normally offers a Rent-A-Ring the day before their annual March Obedience and Rally Trials. The Dumbbell Obedience Club offers Fun Matches throughout the year in Abbotsford BC.


Conformation is the official name for a dog show. At a conformation show a judge examines how close your dog conforms to the golden retriever standard. The judge decides class placements depending on the number of class entries and then decides on awards such as Best Puppy, Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best Opposite Sex, Select Dog, Select Bitch, and Best of Breed. Points toward conformation titles such as Champion and Grand Champion are earned based on the number of defeats in a class or classes. Golden retrievers are classified in the Sporting Group at a conformation show. A CKC Conformation Rules and Regulations booklet can be found at and past and upcoming Conformation events can be found on The GRCBC normally offers a Specialty Conformation show(s) every year.


Can Ch Westbrook’s The Winner Takes It All

GRCBC Specialty



Canine Good Neighbor

The Canine Good Neighbor (CGN) is a Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) program test that is frequently offered in conjunction with Trials. The CGN is not a competition. A CGN evaluator assesses the relationship between you and your dog and your ability to control your dog in different situations. Dogs are evaluated on their ability to perform basic exercises as well as their ability to demonstrate good manners in everyday situations. Information on the CGN requirements can be found at The GRCBC normally offers a CGN at their annual March Obedience and Rally Trials.

Golden Retriever Doing Rally

Kathryn & Marilyn

Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience

Rally obedience is a recognized Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)sport that has been met with great enthusiasm.  It has often been referred to as a combination of traditional obedience and agility.  Rally builds great teamwork between you and your dog.  It is a great way to introduce yourself and your dog to competition, being in a ring environment, refining training skills, and having a great time together.

The primary objective of Rally is to provide a fast-moving and motivational activity that demonstrates the competency of you and your dog in performing basic obedience exercises not requiring exact precision for success.

In Rally obedience, you and your dog follow a course map that includes a number of different informational signs.  You progress through a course with your dog starting with the first sign through to the finish.  Throughout a course you and your dog are timed and judged on your ability to perform the exercise indicated by each sign correctly. At each sign you verbally instruct your dog to perform a task(s) such as “sit and stay”; “call to front and finish right”; and “360 about turn”; etc.  Rally courses become more challenging for you and your dog as you progress through the different Rally levels of Novice; Intermediate; Advanced; and Excellent.  Throughout a Rally course you can talk to, praise and encourage your dog to keep them focussed on the performing the task(s) of each sign.

Both Rally Novice and Rally Intermediate are done with your dog on leash.  The Rally Advanced and Excellent levels are done with your dog off leash.

You can download the CKC Rally obedience signs free of charge from the Canadian Kennel Club along with the instructions on how to perform each sign.  Many people take advantage of doing this and create a binder of signs by putting the signs and instructions in clear plastic folders.  Sample Rally obedience course maps for each Rally level can be sourced on the internet and you can create your own Rally courses in your yard to practice.  You can also take Rally obedience lessons with a trainer in your area.

If you plan to compete in Rally obedience you can purchase the Obedience Trial & Rally Obedience Trial Rules & Regulations from the CKC.  If you want to observe or enter a Rally obedience competition you can check the events section in Canuck Dogs for a Rally obedience trial in your area.  The GRCBC holds  an indoor  Rally obedience trial in conjunction with their annual Obedience trial every year, normally in March.  Volunteering at the annual GRCBC.

Henn scentwork

Working in Scent

Scent Work Trial

Scent Detection

In Scent Detection dogs locate a scent and communicate to their handler that the scent has been located. Scent Detection Trials are done in a variety of environments that provide an opportunity for your dog to use their strongest natural sense.


The awesome power of the dog’s sense of smell is almost beyond belief. We can never completely understand how canine scenting processes work, we don’t ‘teach’ dogs how to track – we provide some guidance, and a framework in which they are able to learn what is expected, and they go on to show us how incredible their noses really are.

At a tracking test, the dog follows an unmarked track laid down some time before by a stranger. The dog must follow it to find one or more articles dropped along the way and at the end. He wears a harness, and is attached to his handler by a long line, but the handler is pretty much just along for the ride. The dog is the one that knows where he’s going.

To find an upcoming test near you, visit

Canadian Kennel Club Tracking Rules and Regulations

Tracking Test Rules and Regulations

The purpose of tracking tests is to demonstrate the dog’s willingness to work with its handler under a variety of conditions and to follow a defined track, to discriminate scent, to locate and indicate articles.

Golden Retriever Tracking

Golden Retriever Tracking

Tracking Trial

Golden Retriever

Eye & Heart Clinic

The three top genetic eye diseases in Goldens are cataracts Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) , and Pigmentary Uveitis (PU).  Golden Retriever PU is a common, inherited, breed specific ocular condition that can cause blindness.  PU is the worst of the three top genetic eye diseases in Goldens. The mean age of diagnosis of PU is 8.5 years of age.  Golden Retrievers should have annual eye examinations throughout their entire life because of the late onset of PU.

Goldens that are being considered as breeding prospects should be examined by a cardiologist by auscultation and/or echocardiogram to determine if there are anomalies in heart function, such as sub-valvular aortic stenosis (SAS).  The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) has two levels of cardiac examination and certification.  Any dog used for breeding should receive the advanced cardiac examination.

The GRCBC recommends lifetime annual eye examinations for all Goldens.  Annual eye examinations and auscultation and echocardiograms can be done at the GRCBC annual Eye and Heart Clinic normally held in Langley BC in April or May every year.  Other Eye and Heart Clinics are held throughout BC and can be found on Canuck Dogs.