Eileen Battley (1919-2003) & Charlotte Lycett Davis

Eileen ‘inherited’ her love of Goldens from her daughter Ainslie. It began when Alderbrooke’s Beckwith Meara CD didn’t “turn out” for the Mills future show and breeding plans. She went for a visit to “Grandma’s” house during a time of mourning for Eileen’s Mom and never came back. She made a Golden lover out of Eileen’s husband Winston, who was not really a dog person until then, and she shared her life with Eileen and family for over 15 years.

Eileen joined the GRCBC in 1975 to share in the interest and activities of Ainslie’s new passion for Goldens. She was an active participant in Club activities, organizing seminars, serving on the Executive and on various Committees, looking after Club pins, coordinating mall displays, acting as an exceptional hospitality chair, working on the newsletter team and being a shining example of a caring, good sportsman, always willing to help a novice. She was a deserving recipient of the Chris Burton Award.

Eileen always undertook anything she did with gusto and high standards. She found the outdoor performance events, such as field and tracking, provided fresh air, exercise, companionship with people and dogs and all around good fun. She co-owned three girls with the Mills over the years, and while Ainslie took charge of the showing and breeding, Eileen did the hard part. The first was Ch. Oriana A Cappella, CDX, WCI, TD, TT, Am. CD, TD, WC (1981-1995), fondly known as Megan, who became an Outstanding Dam, GRCC Top Brood Bitch and GRCC Gibson Award Winner for Versatility. Ch. Oriana Delyn Aur, CD, TD, WC, Am. TD (1983-1998) was a Best in All Breed Sweeps Winner and Miss Congeniality. Ch. Oriana Intermezzo CDX, WCI, JH, TT, Am. WCX, JH (1988-2002 ), who like her dam has won the GRCC Gibson Award for Versatility. She later co-owned English import Ch. Stanroph Secret Weapon with daughter-in-law Louise Battley.

As reflected in the musical names of her dogs, Eileen’s other life was devoted to music, as organist and choir leader, piano and voice teacher, choir member and soprano soloist. Eileen was thrilled to have been made a Life Member of the GRCBC and treasured all her friends in the Club.