Diane’s first Golden, Ch. Gold Rustler, CDX, Am. CD was purchased in 1978. She was looking for either a Doberman or Golden to compete with in obedience and was fortunate to find a litter sired by Evelyn Smith’s Rion. Ev has to this day remained her good friend and mentor.

Diane and her Kitsana Goldens have been successful in conformation, obedience, hunt and WC tests, agility, tracking and as therapy dogs as well as loving family companions. She has both new and old friends that she has met through her interest in Goldens. She is grateful that her puppies have gone to wonderful homes with many dedicated owners who have become involved in the various aspects of dog sports.

Diane has been involved in organizing Island eye clinics since 1994 and added heart clinics in 2000. Needless to say, she is a strong proponent for health testing. Her sewing abilities have benefited many GRCBC raffles and her highly sought after crate mats always receive high bids at Club auctions.

Diane is a life member of the CKC, Tyee Kennel Club, Cowichan Dog Obedience and the GRCBC, where she was also honoured to be awarded the Chris Burton trophy in 2012.