Charlotte Lycett Davis (1921-2020)

Golden Retriever Club of BC - lifetime member - Charlotte DavisGLENDAVIS Golden Retrievers

According to Eileen, trying to interview Charlotte is similar to stacking a six week old Golden. She wiggles out of every question. Charlotte is a world traveler. She formerly belonged to the Century Club, which is open to people who have lived and/or travelled in over 100 countries. Never ask Charlotte where she has been. Ask her where she has not been and she will probably give you a good reason for bypassing that area.

Charlotte was born in Philadelphia and acquired her wanderlust at an early age as the family traveled back and forth to California, Maine and Philadelphia. When the U.S.A. entered W.W. II, Charlotte became an officer in the U.S. Navy serving in the nursing corp. She married a clergyman and they resided and worked in the Seattle area. Although losing her husband at an early age she continued to make an interesting life for herself. Being a habitual scholar with a PhD she has been able to set her path in many directions. She taught and helped establish an American affiliated school in the Caribbean. She also taught and lived for some time in the Philippines.

Although she had owned Goldens previously, it was on her return from the Philippines in 1960 that Charlotte established her Golden kennel under the name “Glendavis”. Her foundation dogs came from such well-known kennels as Eastgate (Bill & Jeanette Bedingfield), Ciadar (Pam Ruddick), and Beaumaris (Anne and John Bissette), Charlotte has bred some fine dogs and has exhibited numerous Goldens to their UD titles. One of her outstanding homebred dogs was Bronco (Am. Can. Ch. Glendavis Goes to the Rodeo), owned by Brenda Comazzetto. In 1980, after retiring from teaching college English, Charlotte moved to Canada where she and her friend the late Karen Zimmerman (Shiralee Shelties and Pugs) established a home and kennels.

Charlotte was a hard working member of the Golden Club for many years. She has organized field events, chaired WC tests, ring stewarded and helped with our obedience trials. Frequently she was seen her wearing a Chief Steward’s badge as she was a great organizer. She was a former Canadian Kennel Club Working Certificate representative for the Southern B.C. zone. Charlotte has deservedly earned recognition as a life member of the G.R.C.B.C.