Became Lifetime members May 2020

In 1989 we got our first golden, Barley, from Ainslie and Barry Mill’s Oriana Kennels. We joined the GRCBC and our first volunteer job was “Ways and Means”. This volunteer position isn’t active anymore, but it used to involve fund-raising for the club, selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other GRCBC-branded merchandise.

In 1993, we had our first executive position as VP Obedience, which also involved running a tracking test. We have fond memories of traipsing over fields laying tracks. Over the years, we have also held Secretary, Executive VP, and President positions.

We have been on various committees including Awards Policy Revision, Nominating, Field, and Obedience committees.

As the club equipment “managers”, we are often tasked with getting the Club equipment to events – so we miss very few!

We have bred three litters under our Goldwest kennel name over the last 30 years. One per decade seemed about the right timing for us! We usually have three Goldens in our home and have competed mostly in obedience but also in tracking, field, and conformation.

Our sons, Jeff and Chris, grew up attending training sessions, gunning at field events, and helping set up trials. Our family is very thankful for the strong community the members of the GRCBC provide.